'...reached the strange masts she had seen rising above the gardens. They curved inward, as if bowing to each other, and tapered to a point at the top. They were spaced evenly around a large circular slab of stone which had been set into the ground.'

The Magicians' Guild

Fan made adaption of the Arena

The Arena is a building in the Guild which is used for safely teaching Warrior Skills and where magicians can have a formal battle. The Arena is made up of eight spires that curve up to meet in a point. The base is a sunken stone circle covered with white sand and the spires space evenly around it. From the spires base, stones steps rise to the level of the garden. On one side is a square portal that allows access inside via a short underground staircase.

Each month magicians supply their magic to the Arena to keep the barrier strong so they withstand the magic from inside. Before the Arena was created novices were taught in The Dome.

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