Character Information
Title(s) Dem
Nickname Ladieri
Gender Male
Age 90
Species Human
Nationality Elyne
Current Location Elyne Sachakan border
Book Origin The Black Magician Trilogy

Dem Ladeiri is a ninety year old Elyne who lives alone except for a few servants near the mountains to the South-Eastern border with Sachaka. His house was once a Fort.

He owns a famous extensive collection full of oddities and many old books, which Dannyl and Tayend visit. Librarian Irand says he is an "amusing eccentric". His grandfather invented the cataloguing system which he uses, he suggested this system to Irand, but he saw no value in it. He suggests they go and visit Armje to help them with their research, which is closer to the border and also close to Dem Ladeiri's house. Dem Ladeiri owns an unused blood ring, it is unused because the creator of this ring is now dead.

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