Magic in the Kyralia Series is a biological mutation and people who can use it are called magicians. Magic flows in bloodlines and the strength varies in the different countries. For example, it is more likely to have a strong Kyralian magician than a Vindo magician. Magic in the series is based on the releasing of different types of energy into the world for specific purposes. Although these may be specific purposes they are not without their extreme versatiltity

The abilities they have shown so far are:

Natural Protection Edit

Simply a naturally forming shield about the skin of large organisms i.e. trees and animals, micro-organisms don’t have this barrier as shown in The High Lord.

Sensing magicEdit

Magicians, and some animals, can sense magic by skin to skin contact or by breaking the natural protection of another. Magicians can hide their magic, so that it lays behind their Natural Protection.

Life Sense Edit

Not only can magician sense magic from others like stated above. They are able to sense the life force of other creatures, including insects. This particular aspect of sensing is very informative for a magician who specializes in healing.

Healing Edit

Magicians are also capable of introducing energy to a human being and healing them from various ailments. They can reduce peoples pain. Although there are limits to what they can heal this is an amazing powerful and versatile ability.

Mind ReadingEdit

Mind reading is the only way Magicians can learn to contain their magic without causing harm to themselves or others, they must share their mind to learn the skill of control. Mind reading can only be done privately through skin to skin contact, or Blood stones. Most Guild magicians can not forcibly read another's secrets, however Black Magicians have the ability to. Mind reading can be done visually by the person creating a room of their mind. In the room is doors which can hide away information and paintings which show images like thoughts.

Mind CommunicationEdit

Mind communication is the ability to talk to other magicians and it can be used over long distances - although it is harder for the magician to hear the first person calling them. Mind communication isn't private and conversations can easily be overheard, however a magician can just touch the person they wish to communicate with and talk privately that way, they can also talk to non magicians only by touching them.

Talking via mind is more personal because you can sense the emotions behind the thoughts sent. Images can also be projected.


Used to open doors, move and levitate object, even people, the limits being that the heavier the object and the further up the object the more magic is consumed and more concentration is needed.


Strikes are a projection of magic used for attack purposes. The weakest strike is the stunstrike which is designed to paralyse, they are red. Other types of strike are firestrikes, heatstrike, mindstrike and forcestrike.

Heat generationEdit

Unable to create fire, magicians can instead introduce energy to heat up the object until it busts into flames, evaporates, or melts all which can be done without the need to touch it. They also have heat globes which are similar to globe lights but produce heat. This heat energy can be used as a weapon called a Heatstrike.


Magicians can create energy that glows, the brightness of the glow depends how much magic is projected into whatever shape the magician chooses. For a convenient light source they create a globe light. They can all be used as weapons with a seriously optically blinding flash.

Illusion Casting Edit

Magicians can manipulate the light they produce to form vivid illusions. Which is exceedingly helpful to trick opponents into attacking in a different direction.


Magic can be deposit into objects, in particularly stones, many of the buildings in Imardin being naturally structurally unstable without magical intervention. Coren learnt how to magically infuse magic with stone and some of his well known buildings include those in the Guild like the University. Magic can also be infused into people for Healing, or giving Magicians more magic (not to be confused with Drawing Energy), whether magic can be put into other organism is unknown.

It can also be used to shape things, such as stone. This is observed in The High Lord when Sonea makes a bowl.

Energy Constructs Edit

Magicians can release and control energy. For example a magical barrier or by creating a disc that would allow them to levitate. Although this energy will take the form of the most basic of shapes, this could be considered to be the most versatile of all the abilities.

Magical BarrierEdit

A Magical Barrier or shield (not to be confused with Natural Protection) can be used by one, or many Magicians, to separate themselves within crowds by acting as a physical/magical repellent, it can be translucent or made into a bright light, and can be made away from the Magician, the barriers can even be used as a container.


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