• Map of the Lands
Capital City Arvice
Monarch or Ruler King
Place of Interest Wastelands
Magical Strength High
Series Kyralia Series

Sachaka is a country which is known for its harshness and slavery. Sachaka is not a part of the Allied Lands.


Sachaka shares a border to the south with Kyralia, and one with Elyne to the west. The capital is Arvice which lies to the east. In the north there is volcanic activity, and it is where the Duna live.


Sachaka still resents Kyralia after the Sachakan War which turned most of Sachaka into inhabitable wasteland. Slavery is widespread in Sachaka, and all wealthy households have slaves.


Sachakan people have brown skin and dark hair. Their facial features are broad and women's figures voluptuous. In the past they considered mixed bloodlines as a good attribute, especially if it showed in the person's appearance.

Names are vowel-heavy and always end in vowels, including -a for men.

Traditional clothes for women are rectangular pieces of cloth worn as shoulderless dresses also exposing the wearer's legs and capes covering their shoulders when going out. Excessive jewellery is appreciated, including piercings in the ears and nose.

Powerful landowners are called Ashaki and outcast magicians in Sachaka are called Ichani. The Traitors also inhabit land to the east somewhere, however the location is unknown to all but them.

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