Orayln p2

Dunwayan p7

Temple p20

Mairae p24

The open p33, quote; p294

Alter p40

Link memories p118

Jarime p133, 150(?), bay p158-59

Arbeem temple p170

Mind link p173/4

Somrey/Hania p200

Siyee p220

Trei trei p224-26

Link ring p 242

Breem p255

Danjin family p282

Bower p313

Emerahl (expand from notes) p354

Brothel decor 356

Siyee temple p371

Gareilem p375

Borra p430-1, (Lotw); p33

Dreamweaver healing p502, (lotw) p427


Thinkers quote; p1

Reivan p7

Aggen p10

White forest p8, p13

Sanctuary p48

Si p54/58

Star room walls p91

Welcome tree p121/122

Shar p132

Temple of Hrun p152

Wilds p171

  • p252/254

Devlem p313

Arbeem p332

Genria p351

Ruling p391

Sou. Ith. p398

  • p492

Karienne p515

Chaia/Gods p 527


  • p21, p25
  • p34

Emerahl p61

  • p172

Dunway p208

Hannya p226

  • p250-1
  • p253
  • p273-276
  • p300
  • p327
  • p395
  • p511
  • p514

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