Character Information
Title(s) The Raen
Gender Male
Age Over 1000 (deceased)
Species Human
Nationality None
Current Location Unknown
Book Origin Millennium's Rule

Valhan, was an extremely powerful sorcerer and the ruler of worlds. He grew up in his world's ruling class, where he made most of the mistakes from which he learned from. He was the successor of Roporien whom he killed for the position.

Valhan worked tirelessly to keep the worlds in check, and made laws against traveling between worlds, teaching people to travel between worlds, and pattern shifting.

Personality Edit

Valhan did not show emotion, and kept most of his thoughts to himself. Because of his power, no-one could read his mind.

He was coldly practical, and did not hesitate to kill.

Powers and Abilities Edit

He was an ageless sorcerer

He was an extremely powerful sorcerer who could travel between worlds at incredible speed.

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