Character Information
Title(s) Traitor
Nickname Vora
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Species Human
Nationality Sachakan
Current Location Sachaka
Book Origin The Magician's Apprentice

Vora is a Sachakan slave owned by Stara's father - Ashaki Sokara. She is described as an old woman who likes being bossy, even though she is a slave, and someone who likes to intrude in other people's conversations. When Stara was younger, Vora nursed her and was put in charge of looking after her, later showing her how to live as a female Sachakan. When Stara returns to Sachaka to live with her father, Vora shows her how to become a Sachakan woman. Despite her being a slave, Stara treats her well. Vora is always checking Stara's actions and telling her if she has done something wrong.

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